The mid-2021 news

May 31st 2021, by Gabriel

Hello Happy People!

At the dawn of this new summer, we will resume our Free Tours, with however some differences with what was planned in January … Following all these events our team has reduced in size, consequently we have to reduce the number of our visits.


First of all, we will resume on Wednesday, June 9th. From that date until June 30th, we will be offering the Original Tour in English EVERY DAY at 14h30 (2:30pm) as before.
Saturdays and Sundays you can enjoy the Petite France Tour in English at 11h (11:00am), and our Idéal Tour in French also at 11h (11:00am). Also know that we will always be limited to 10 people per group (guide included), and we will do our best to accommodate everyone, but just in case, please send us a little message to let us know your presence, those who will have reserved places will have priority.

From July 1st until August 31st, we will be running our summer program. That means we are keeping the schedule planned from June 9th to 30th, and we are adding the Visite Estivale in French every morning at 11h (11:00am), a Visite Surprise in French every Sunday at 15h (3:00pm), and the Compagnie Bas Les Pat ‘Hibulaire will be back this summer for a brand new Tales & Legends Tour with Old Schnock to make you dream, it will be every Sunday at 16h30 (4:30pm), and in French ????
Also, the good news is that from June 30th there should no longer be any restriction on the size of the groups, and I must admit that we are really looking forward to it!

In September and the following months we expect to resume what was originally planned, but we are giving ourselves a little time before confirming it, the situation is still not completely clear…



As a reminder, of course we keep on offering private guided tours, just for you. Whether you are with family, friends or colleagues, for schools or in business, who wants it gets it! ????
As mentioned in the January news, we offer guided tours on foot, by car/minibus/bus through Alsace, and by boat!



As mentioned above, our team is very small, and we will start recruiting new people to help us in our quest to share culture, so if you know someone who grew up in Alsace, speaks French, English and German, is in love with Alsace and wants to shout it in the face of the world, write to us, we will take good care… ????



From June 9th to 30th (limit of 10 people per group, remember to book your place!) :

  •  Monday to Friday :
    • 14h30 Original Tour in English (1h45)
  • Saturday and Sunday :
    • 11h Petite France Tour in English (1h15)
    • 11h Ideal Tour in French (1h50)

From July 1st to August 31st :

  • Monday to Friday :
    • 11h Visite Estivale in French (1h30)
    • 14h30 Original Tour in English (1h45)
  • Saturday :
    • 11h Petite France Tour in English (1h15)
    • 11h Ideal Tour in French (1h50)
    • 14h30 Original Tour in English (1h45)
  • Dimanche :
    • 11h Petite France Tour in English (1h15)
    • 11h Ideal Tour in French (1h50)
    • 14h30 Original Tour in English (1h45)
    • 15h Visite Surprise in French (1h)
    • 16h30 Tales & Legends Tour in French (1h)


See you soon in the streets of Strasbourg!