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Ideal Free Tour


The Ideal Free Tour offers you a summary of the Original and Petite France Tours for your greatest pleasure! It takes you to the most famous squares of Strasbourg. Always starting from the incredible cathedral with its 1000 years of history, we will guide you through the Grand Island of Strasbourg to discover the different periods that have shaped it, to end in the picturesque Petite France, a real Alsatian postcard.

You will see the main places and monuments, hear their stories and quirky anecdotes, without forgetting present-day Strasbourg, with its gastronomic culture, its modern life and its good addresses. The creation of our homes, their architecture, and our legends and traditions handed down over the centuries will hold no secrets for you.

You will start with the eastern part behind the cathedral, where the original Roman camp was located, then you will cross the Ill river, the main river of all of Alsace, which outlines the contours of the historic center. There you will reach the German district, a unique Wilhelminian quarter of the German era, to return to the western part with the traditional quarter of Petite France.

You will hear about the duality of our identity and Alsatian history, a bridge built on war and peace, culture and language. All in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, because we put all our efforts into creating a personal visit. It’s our way of sharing our story with you.


With the Ideal Tour, the guide will take you around the Cathedral and the Republic squares, Kléber and Benjamin Zix squares, and also in lesser-known places such as Saint-Etienne square for example. We can’t tell you more, because each guide does their guided tour in their own way, we don’t all go to the same places 😉

Quand ?

Saturdays and Sundays at 14h30 *

Où ?

Le rendez-vous est en face de la cathédrale, à l’angle de la rue Mercière.


Si vous êtes plus de 8 personnes souhaitant rejoindre le Free Tour, contactez-nous, sinon venez simplement quelques minutes en avance et dites bonjour au guide! 🙂

* in low season only (from January’s second week to March’s second to last week), Petite France & Original tours replace it during the high season

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