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A very happy and lively tour with Ann in Strasbourg! Interesting and gripping histories, funny intermezzo’s and personal stories.

Barbara Henkes Avatar Barbara Henkes
10 Januar 2024

Was very nice to make the tour with Mathias. He really knows a lot about the city and it's history.

Cami Lucini Avatar Cami Lucini
10 Januar 2024

here's the thing - I was coming from Venice where I thought I had met the best guide ever and even though Strasbourg is a city you can't get to... read more

Marek Marek Avatar Marek Marek
10 Januar 2024

Mattias was a good and inspirational tourguide

tim odeh Avatar tim odeh
10 Januar 2024

Ann did our tour and we loved it! She is an enthusiast and fun guide who knows very well every bit of the city. Also, she added her own experience... read more

Marina Garcia Avatar Marina Garcia
10 Januar 2024

A great tour of Petite France. There were lots of stories that make up the overall area with facts. Gabriel is a very nice and knowledgeable your. Highly recommend to... read more

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Arin Canbolat Avatar Arin Canbolat
3 Januar 2024

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star rating  I love doing walking tours when I travel, so when in Strasbourg for a few days I did the Petite France one with Matthias. It was great and was just... read more

avatar thumb TO-psych
13 September 2022

star rating  Our guide was called Anne and she walked us through the streets of Strasbourg from the cathedral through the streets and dight of the Southern part of the city, La... read more

avatar thumb Daniel1685
14 Juli 2022

star rating  We took the Happy Free Strasbourg Original Tour in English and it was guided by Remy who was excellent. His explanations of each of the sites we visited was excellent... read more

avatar thumb PapaBear
10 Oktober 2021

star rating  Our tour with Matthias was just great! He has a great knowledge of the city, always combining history lessons with a good joke, very approachable and wants you to have... read more

avatar thumb Nicolas L
26 September 2021

star rating  We were at the Strasbourg‘s Cathedral when we randomly met Remy, our super knowledgeable and funny guide. He made us feel like we were a couple of college friends walking... read more

avatar thumb Aleksa
5 September 2020

star rating  Don't miss the walking tour with Remy. He really knows his stuff and made the walked very interesting and fun!
You will end the tour with a solid general knowledge... read more

avatar thumb Micaela F M
4 September 2020