Private Tours


You will find below our different offers for private tours. These different tracks are made to present different aspects of Strasbourg.

The Original Tour makes a great overview of Strasbourg’s main squares and history, not including  Petite France district which has its own 1h15 tour to present you the heart of the old town, full of traditions and character. Besides, we also have the Secret Tour that focuses only on small hidden and funny details, leaving History aside. Finally we offer the Absolute Tour, which concentrates the best of our tracks, all in one!

These different tracks have been created to emphasise different aspects of Strasbourg. Our city lives with its old history, and there are various ways to discover it. It is up to you to choose the door you would like to open.

Of course, these are offers for private tours, and as we are at your entire disposal, we can customise them according to your expectations. Our private tours are available in English, French and German, contact us for further information!

2020 Rates

  • From 1 to 10 persons : 60€ per hour and per guide.
  • From 11 to 20 persons : 66€ per hour and per guide.
  • From 21 to 30 persons : 72€ per hour and per guide.


For 31 persons and more, please contact us, these are big groups and we pay a specific attention to them.

Here are our different typical tracks :

Original tour


Great overview of Strasbourg best places an history.
(about 2h)



Petite France tour


Heart of old town, full of traditions and charming.
(about 1h15)


Secret tour


Funny details and hidden facts!
(about 1h45)


Absolute tour


Get the best of our different tours!
(about 3h)