How comes that the tour is free?

Because in Happy Strasbourg we think that Strasbourg is unique and we want to share our city with everybody. Anyone can join us in this fun and exciting journey through the city. The concept of Free Tours is very easy: there is no fixed price, it is based on voluntary contributions only. Supporting us is not mandatory and participants are free to give as much or as little as they think the tour is worth, as much as they can afford. It is therefore available to anyone interested, no matter the budget. Even though Free Tours are growing bigger and bigger all over the world, Happy Strasbourg is an independent project, with no financial support except the generosity of our guests. There is no business or governmental involvement, and no partnership with the city or any private company.

Shall I book my place for the tour?

There is no need to book the Free Tours, up to 8 persons ! Just show up and smile, and you will be mostly welcome to join the tour. From 8 persons, it is better to write an e-mail, as on very high season, we already have big groups.

How / Where to find the guide?

For the Free Tours, the guide always carries a big sign where it is written « HAPPY FREE TOUR », we always start right in front of the main entrance of the Cathedral, it is very easy to see the guide and his big sign!
If any doubt, the map on the Free Tours page should help you.

Regarding private tours, as they are on demand, we settle the meeting point together with the guests.

When does the tour start ?
  • 11h (11:00am) everyday starts the Petite France Tour in English (from January 7th to March 24th : only Saturdays and Sundays)
  • 11h (11:00am) every Saturdays and Sundays starts the Original Tour in French (all year round)
  • 14h30 (2:30pm) everyday starts the Original Tour in english (from January 7th to March 24th : only Saturdays and Sundays)
  • 17h (5:00pm) every Saturdays starts the Petite France Tour in French (all year round)
  • 17h (5:00pm) every Sundays starts the Surprise Tour in French (but from January 7th to March 24th)
  • 17h (5:00pm) first Sundays of the month starts the Secret Tour in French (but January, February, March)

For any other date, please check our calendar.

Which languages are used for the tours?
  • English :
    • 11h (11:00am) everyday starts the Petite France Tour in English (from January 7th to March 24th : only on Saturdays and Sundays)
    • 14h30 (2:30pm) everyday starts the Original Tour in English (from January 7th to March 24th : only on Saturdays and Sundays) 
  • French :
    • 11h (11:00am) every Saturdays and Sundays starts the Original Free Tour in French (all year round)
    • 17h (5:00pm) every Saturdays starts the Petite France Tour in French (all year round)
    • 17h (5:00pm) every Sundays starts the Surprise Tour in French (but from January 7th to March 24th)
    • 17h (5:00pm) first Sundays of the months starts the Secret Tour (but January, February, March)

As for private tours, we offer them in english, french or spanish.



What about the rain?

We run our tours rain or shine (or storm, wind, thunder,…) The guide is present at the meeting point !
One thing though, for your own comfort, bring an umbrella, it might be useful 😉

What to do if the guide doesn’t show up?

We would like to say that this never happens, the guide shows up at the meeting point around 15minutes in advance.
However, emergency cases and accidents happen. If you experience a no-show situation, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. This happened 2 times only in 4 years…

What to do if I come late to the tour?

In case you missed the beginning of the tour, you might catch up with the group on the way.
You can call Happy Strasbourg’s phone number, we will tell you where the guide is supposed to be depending on the time. Also, know that it is possible that the guide himself is carrying that phone, and then might not be able to pick it up, as he’s probably already telling a fabulous story… 😉

What to do if I have to leave before the end?

You shouldn’t be worried about that. We won’t feel insulted ; we understand that you may have really urgent things to do or a train to catch. However, we would be very grateful if you let us know so that we don’t wait for you when we move further. Besides, you can also join the rest of the tour some other time!

Can I join with a wheelchair?

Yes, all our tours are available for wheelchairs, as we do not enter in any building, there is no difficulty about wheelchair-access. Sometimes, there might be a few stairs on the way, but there is always a simple way to bypass the obstacle.

Is there any bathroom on the tour?

We do not schedule any “restroom break” during our walking tours. Please ask your tour guide about the nearest toilet at the starting or ending point. Toilet facilities are very limited on the way. There are pubs where you can go into, but it is up to the waiters to let you in or not.
Please ensure that all necessary toilet stops have been made before the tour started as the guide can’t stop for a toilet break.

Is it necessary to bring anything for the tour?

Not really, just comfortable shoes, sunscreen, bottle of water in summertime, and warm clothes in winter, an umbrella in case of rain… And of course bring your smile with you ! 🙂

Can I take some videos during the tours?

We do not accept any recording during the tour, should it be audio or video. The stories that we share with you are the result of painstaking research over many years, so do show your appreciation by listening with attentive ears, open wide your eyes and hearts ! However, photography is allowed. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I come with a (big) group?

If you are planning to join the tour with more than 8 persons, it is better to contact us to make a reservation, so that we can be sure that the whole group won’t be too big, as it is not comfortable for both the guide and the group. Even though we will never refuse anyone, we would appreciate that you consider this rule, also out of respect for the other travellers. You can also reserve a private tour for your own group if you like, it might be the best option.

Who manages Happy Strasbourg?

Gabriel officially started this project in 2013, November 20th, hoping to be able to make a living, out of an activity that brings him a smile every day, and the opportunity to give back this big smile to all the people walking around Strasbourg with him.

Two years later Gabriel and Gustave met each other, almost by accident, they had in common the same love for Strasbourg and for sharing fabulous stories… A team was born!

One year passed… and thanks to all our travelers, Happy Strasbourg had no other choice than facing reality : we had to enlarge the crew. After months of castings, covering all Alsace from the Wall to Dorne ( 😉 ), we found gem after gem : Leo and Gilles, joined the Night’s Watch family. Then it was the turn of Matthias and Rémy to join the fight against the White Walkers …

As for today, Happy Strasbourg is growing bigger and bigger every day. We dare to believe our success results from our team spirit (we are a happy family!), hard working (there is no secret). And most important, all of you who joined us during all these walks around Strasbourg, it is thanks to you that we

can still do it. 🙂